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Party For The Friths II

Well, we are throwing another party for the Frith family. In an effort to explain while sparing too many public details I will keep this as brief as possible. Some of you are already close to the Frith family and know plenty as to why this is taking place. For those that do not know the Friths they were touched by cancer a few years ago. They are a much loved family whose influence, love, and respect weaves through every aspect and social class of this area. Strong supporters of local music and far beyond. Cancer struck their dear daughter a few years ago and we threw the first party to help them. Grandma of the group was in a bad car accident and left in a wheel chair. And, just as it seemed the family might be cancer free mama bear was also diagnosed with cancer. Through all this and all these years this family has been strong, never asks for help or pity, always are kind and willing to help anyone else out of any jam. It’s been a 1,2,3 punch for this family in a pretty short amount of time. We who love them want to help. The Shoals Yacht Rock Collective has come together to work as the backing band for a unique set at 116 E. Mobile St. They will back a set of songs from Red Mouth, Russell Mefford, and Reid Ware. All musicians and artists are donating their time and 116 is waving their fees. A poster is coming soon from Heavy Color. ALL THE MONEY goes to the Frith family. 

There is not a one of us that has not been touched by the evil hand of cancer. We cannot help everyone. But, that is not to stop us from helping someone. This family deserves it. Whether you know the Friths or not you will be helping all cancer patients by helping anyone. This performance will be one of a kind. Fun will be had for everyone and your money will be used for the betterment of mankind and our continued struggle towards a more civilized and caring world. 

Doors at 7pm and show at 8pm. $15 at the door $10 in advance. If you wish to pay more that too will go to the Friths.